What Maslow’s Hierarchy Won’t Tell You About Motivation

February 3, 2019
February 3, 2019 Bruce Benes

A great summary of motivating in today’s professional environment.   Just like the last post on delegation, understanding and adjusting to the current economic environment can help build a more engaged and effective management team.

Autonomy properly defined can build great managers.  Enabling your staff to find solutions can increase loyalty and the organization’s profitability.  Discussed in terms of “joint” or mutual goals, by identifying the areas of passion of your management team which align with the organization’s direction and you will have a recipe for success.

Relatedness matches the individual passions with others in the organization.  The resulting teamwork and belonging will be a powerful force.

Competence of all those involved will likely increase from such a process.  All staff will begin to see how their interests can help the organization.   For smaller companies, there may be some turnover as individuals see that they do not align with the organization.  However replacements create the opportunity for an even stronger team.

The concept is fairly easily applied to larger organizations  but those who employ 50 to 250 should look to see how this concept could be used to increase profitability, market share or organizational innovation.